Aluminum Fences in Moreno Valley, CA

If the strength of your fence is your primary concern, then there is no doubt that aluminum fences are the way that you need to go. The individual and wholesale products that we offer the Moreno Valley, CA area at H&H Building and Supply Inc. are a great way to renew your faith in the strength of your vinyl or aluminum fence.

  • Our fusion fences have options for wood, vinyl, or aluminum with aluminum framing
  • Custom designs are available
  • Vinyl is best suited for privacy while aluminum provides a modern touch

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The Corigin Construction System

We help keep our aluminum fences a step ahead of the competition by offering the Corigin construction system. This system is brilliant in its simplicity, and yet, it is also extremely powerful in the results that it offers. It connects the pickets and rails of your aluminum fence from the inside out and fortifies the core. This means that our aluminum fences are built to last longer than the competition, and they do truly stand up well against what others are able to offer.

Removing Unnecessary Pieces

Something that we have discovered about the Corigin system that brings us great joy is the fact that it allows us to remove unnecessary pieces for our customers. By using this system, we no longer have to worry with including screws in the aluminum fences that we build. Our team finds this to be helpful because it means that screws can be eliminated from the process. Screws can rust over time and cause the structural integrity of the entire fence to come into question. Fortunately, we can avoid a lot of this trouble by simply using the Corigin system to avoid the need for screws altogether.

Meets All Safety Standards

One of the things that we are the proudest of when it comes to the aluminum fences that we build is that they are built to meet all of the safety standards that you have come to expect from your fencing. You are relaxing by the pool and don’t want to worry if your fencing is sound. Fortunately, you can put your worries aside when you use us as your aluminum fencing supplier. Everything that we build for you is set to the highest safety standards so there is no question about the quality you are receiving.
We do recommend that you check the local and state standards for pool safety codes in your area if you are ever concerned about what you might need to do to keep your pool as safe as possible. However, the fences we set up are almost always in compliance with the national safety codes established from coast to coast to help keep people protected. Check out our catalog today!
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